Corporate Message

To Shareholders and Investors

Who we are today is the result of time, experience, and the development of trust-base relationships.

 To our shareholders and investors.

 During the fiscal year ending March 2015, Group financial accounting resulted in net sales of 11,610 million yen (YoY -0.7%), ordinary income of 928 million yen (YoY -5.7%), and current net income of 561 million yen (YoY -2.7%).
As for earnings for the next fiscal year, we forecast consolidated net sales of 12,100 million yen, consolidated pretax profit of 1,240 million yen, and consolidated net profit of 810 million yen.

  Our company is conducting business activities with a focus on proving total solutions for paper making tools.
 In Japan, we began the sale of wires imported from Valmet Technologies (formerly, Valmet Fabrics) in July 2014 and now we are working aggressively expand sales and technology support activities. We hope that by offering superior products validated in overseas markets by Valmet Technologies, we will expand our options and contribute to our customers.
 The key to achieving targets outlined in the Mid-term Management Plan we initiated in FY2014 will be how much we are able to expand overseas. To this effect, we are working on developing human resources able to perform overseas. In overseas markets, numerous suppliers are engaging in a fierce competition to launch new products and we will respond by accelerating our development pace.

 As part of our strategy regarding shareholder dividends, we have been acquiring treasury shares since January 2015. We also decided to increase year-end dividends for FYE March 2015 by 1 yen to 7 yen.
 We will continue to focus our efforts on improving earnings and increasing dividends and shareholder incentives and we ask for the continued support and cooperation of our shareholders and investors.

June 2015
President  Seiichi Shibahara