Corporate Information About Us

Since our founding in 1917, as a pioneer of manufacturing press felts in Japan, we have been a loyal partner to the paper industry, regionally but also globally. We supply paper industry with machine clothing for all sections and all paper grades. To bring the next generation of advanced products in the future, we are engaged in technology development.

Main Target Asian market

Since the 2000s, the consumption of pulp and paper in Asian area has been rising steadily. We succeeded in expanding our business in Asian market and be recognized as the top brand of press felt manufacturers. Furthermore, we have already cooperated with more than 70 companies in China, many of which are major enterprises. We keep strengthening our sales system in Asia and will expand our sales not only in Asia, but also in other countries around the world.

Established sales system in major Asian countries
Line Line
  • Group Companies
  • China Nippon Felt (Shanghai)
    Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan Taiwan Felt Co., Ltd.

In 2004, we started by opening an office in Shanghai, in the Chinese market which is the center of the Asian region. In 2011, we incorporated the Shanghai Office and established Nippon Felt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Moreover, while cooperating with local agents, we have also established sales systems in countries such as Viet Nam and Malaysia.

About our subsidiary Taiwan Felt
Taiwan Felt

From our subsidiary Taiwan Felt, we supply products to customers in Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia.
As a Japan-Taiwan joint venture, we established Taiwan Felt in 1968 as our first overseas mill. Since then, we have been manufacturing and selling felt and dryer fabrics for paper machines that can accommodate various machine widths.

Main sales products Press felts, shoe press belts, industrial textile products

The products sold by us outside of Japan are mainly felt used in the press section of the paper manufacturing process. Our product lineup offers outstanding cost performance. We also handle items such as shoe press belts and industrial textile products.

Paper-making machine
Paper-making machine
  • Forming section
    Forming fabrics are used to form sheet.
  • Press section
    Press felt are used to squeeze water.
  • Dryer section
    The sheet is dried by heated metal cylinder.
  • Winding
    The finished paper is wound.
Product Categories
  • Press felt
    Press felts
  • Shoe press belts
    Shoe press belts
  • Industrial textile products
    Industrial textile products

Features of our products Japan quality

The quality of Japan made paper and paperboard has earned the highest level of reputation in the world. This quality is supported by the press felt of us. Our market share in Japan is over 50%.

Advanced quality produced by skilled workers
  • workers
    The basic fabric wound in the weaving process is inspected for more than 30 items and then sent to the subsequent process.
  • workers
    Skilled workers accurately perform manual stitching work for base fabric that is required.
  • craftsmen
    The final inspection measures not only the physical properties, but also the appearance and feel by human hands.

Our policy Reliable and speedy supply system

The importance of always meeting the delivery date specified by the customer without any mistakes is respected more than usual. In order to safely and promptly deliver products to our customers, we take responsibility for all processes from production and packing to transportation arrangements.

  • worksite
  • worksite

Our services After service by Engineers and salespeople

We provide prompt and quality after-sales support which helped us to build our customers loyalty successfully. Our engineers and salespeople visit our customers regularly to check the performance of our products used on paper machine and make proposal according to the customer's demands.

  • staff
  • staff