President's Message


Who we are today is the result of time, experience, and the development of trust-base relationships.
Thank you for accessing the Nippon Felt website.
 Since our founding in 1917, we have worked to expand our business and contribute to society through the manufacturing and sales of papermaking felts and other industrial-use textiles.
 Much of the paper used casually in society on a day-to-day basis is made with papermaking felts that we manufacture. Japanese paper and paperboards are known around the world for its high quality and we are proud to play a supporting role in building this reputation. Our own high-function felts are gathering much attention from overseas customers and moving forward we are confident this will help drive our overseas expansion.
 Although the spread of e-books and other factors have resulted in a decline in paper demand, paper continues to be an invaluable part of global society and is still a barometer of culture.
 At Nippon Felt, we also are strengthening our sales of forming fabrics and belt products, which are as essential paper machine clothing for papermaking process as felts, and developing our sales channels steadily, and thereby we will further increase our presence in the papermaking industry.
 As for our industrial fiber products, we are achieving stable sales for our filter products, used to remove harmful substances for environmental conservation, and our felts for fiber cement siding.
 In 2017, we celebrate our 100th anniversary. We, as a whole company, will move forward, targeting our goal of further growth. For that, we will continue to embrace our philosophy of Customer First, Quality First as we implement initiatives related to compliance, internal regulation, environmental conservation, social contributions, and the fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities.
 We hope you will continue to have high expectations of us at Nippon Felt.
Nippon Felt Co., LTD.
President  Seiichi Shibahara