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Com bining knowledge and passion:
Creating a prosperous future through the fusion of inherited traditions and new challenges

Inheritance of manufacturing based on “All Our Heart in Every Felt (Ittan-Nyukon)”
President Sotaro Yazaki
Sotaro Yazaki President

Thank you for visiting the Nippon Felt website.
Since our founding in 1917, we have worked to expand our business and contribute to society through the manufacturing and sales of papermaking felts and other industrial-use textiles.

Japanese paper and paperboards are known around the world for their high quality, and we are proud that our felts play an indispensable role in the manufacturing process.
As a manufacturer specializing in felt, we are committed to making further contributions to the paper industry by assisting in a wider range of paper production. In addition, we aim to become the only comprehensive paper machine clothing company in Japan by strengthening our sales of forming fabrics, shoe press belts and dryer fabrics, which are as essential as felts are to paper machine clothing for the papermaking process.

As for our industrial textile products, we are achieving stable sales of our filter products to remove harmful substances for environmental conservation, and our felts for fiber reinforced cement siding. We will strive to further expand sales in the future.

We are also constantly engaged in R & D with an eye to advance into new fields, including the search for new materials based on industry-academia collaboration, and have been succeeded in developing products with higher added value.

Moreover, we are committed to the development of human resources, and have created an environment in which assertive and passionate people of all nationalities and genders can work together comfortably.

Since 2019, we have expanded its involvement in real estate on a full scale and are working to generate further revenue by actively increasing real estate utilization.

  • Rental Housing Section (Fujimi, Itabashi-ku; Oji, Kita-ku)
  • Commercial Facilities Section (office buildings, supermarkets, convenience stores)
  • Nursing Facilities Section (Oji, Kita-ku; Warabi-shi)
  • Educational and Cultural Facilities Section (student dormitories, nursery schools)

In every section, we are developing our real estate business in a way that meets the needs of local communities.

In 2017, we celebrated our 100th anniversary and took a new step forward. Inheriting the spirit of “Earnest and dedicated manufacturing with all our heart in every felt” that is synonymous with our company, we will continue to embrace our philosophy of Customer First, Quality First as we implement initiatives related to compliance, internal regulation, environmental conservation, social contributions, and the fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities. We invite you to continue to have high expectations of us at Nippon Felt.