Always wishing to be a part of a best partner with an aggregation of high technology by responding in full coordination with paper machines

Products for Papermaking

It is a belt-like product with wide width, to be installed to paper machines.
Known as Paper Machine Clothing, they are consumables used by consecutively renewing.
The specifications have diverse ranges depending on the types of paper and paper machine, and they are all made to order including their sizes. This is a product that requires the ultimate in precision as not even the slightest scratch is tolerated over its broad surface area and includes forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics and , urethane coated belts, and more.
Paper products, an integral part of our lives, are produced at paper machines of an aggregation of advanced technology, through expert operating skills. In recent years, paper machines have reached a stage of very wide in width and very fast in speed at the same time, and these machines enable to reel up the products with 10m wide and 1600 m/min. By responding in full coordination with these paper machines, NipponFelt is continue to advance in order to support paper in the world, even to support lives and cultures.

Industrial textile products

There are many types of industrial-use textile products. Products include heat-resistant belts (heat-resistant felt) that carry aluminum panels heated to 400℃ and extruded from a molder, filters for industrial dust collectors that work to prevent pollution and protect our health and environment, and felts for the production of construction materials.