Press Felts

Press felts are used in the press section of paper making process. Nippon Felt delivers press felts optimized to every grade of paper.

Press felts

Nippon Felt's press felt has both
important function and outstanding performance.

  • Function
    To squeeze water out of
    wet paper web
    Paper surface smoothness
    To avoid any felt or roll markings
    To transfer wet paper web safely
    to the next position
  • Performance
    Start-up properties
    To reach the desirable operating speed
    in the shortest time
    Easy cleaning and long-lasting
    dewatering performance
    Excellent resistance to wear
    and compaction

Lineup of press felts

  • Flow-Punch®
    • Single layer base fabric
    • The most basic design
  • Dual-Punch®
    • Double layer base fabric
    • Widely applicable
    • Large void volume
    • Resistance against high pressure loadings
  • Lamitech-Punch®
    • Plentiful combinations of multiple base fabrics
    • Large void volume
    • High surface smoothness
    • Resistance against high pressure loadings
Aqua Flex New
Reliable nonwoven press felt!
  • No knuckle points of MD and CMD yarns thanks to a special manufacturing technology
  • Suitable for positions where a high paper surface finish is required
  • Combinations with woven base fabrics are also available
  • Excellent dewatering performance(Please refer to the graph below)
  • Short break-in period
Comparison of nip drainage amount on a Nippon Felt press simulator


Conventional press felt with woven base fabric

Conventional press felt
with woven base fabric

Anyfit New
Innovative multi-axial laminated press felt!
  • Higher resistance to compaction than conventional laminated press felts
  • A high degree of void volume
  • Consistent dewatering performance
  • Long service life
The secret of Anyfit's compaction resistance



Conventional laminated press felt

Unlike conventional laminated press felt, the base fabrics of Anyfit consist of several multi-axial woven fabrics.
This unique configuration of the base fabrics leads to excellent resistance to compaction under high pressure loadings.

Shoe Press Belts

Shoe presses are a popular solution to achieve higher dewatering performance at the press section of a paper making process.
With higher pressure loadings and longer dwell time of shoe presses it is possible to remove even larger amount of water out of wet paper web than conventional roll presses.

Shoe Press Belts
Shoe press belts

Shoe press belts, also called “Sleeves”, are indispensable parts of shoe presses.
Nippon Felt has been trying hard to deliver optimal shoe press belts to our customers in corporation with Yamauchi Co., Ltd.
By offering not only press felts but also shoe press belts, we suggest comprehensive solutions to maximize the dewatering efficiency of shoe presses.

Industrial Textile Products

In addition to papermaking products, Nippon Felt is also engaged in producing industrial textile products in various fields, such as aluminum production, bag filters, slate manufacturing and so on.

Industrial Textile Products

Some examples

  • Heat resistant felts for aluminum extruders
    Heat resistant felts for aluminum extruders

    Heat resistant tubes, belts and flat felts are popularly used for conveyors to prevent scratches and noise.

  • Needled filter fabrics for bag filters
    Needled filter fabrics for bag filters

    Needled filter fabrics made of materials such as polyester, polypropylene, heat-resistant polyamide, and PTFE are mainly used for bag filters of dust collecting equipment at factories.

  • Felts for slate and building materials
    Papermaking machine for construction materials in houses

    Endless felts similar to press felts for paper making machines are used for machines which manufacture slate and construction materials. However, the designs are different in terms of wear resistance and chemical resistance.