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With a history of more than a century, Nippon Felt is a specialist manufacturer of press felts and industrial textile products with a history of more than a century.
Since our founding in 1917, we have built up trust through a stance committed to putting the customer first and quality first.

I.We are supporting your life even where you do not notice

Press felts, which account for 80% of the Company's net sales, are used in the papermaking machines of paper mills and is an indispensable element in the production of paper. Press felts are used to create newsprint, copy paper, tissue, and cardboard. Although it may not be obvious, our products help support society and people's lives.

II.We have strengths that we have built until today
Advanced Know-how
Press felts are consumables that is replaced approximately every two months. Each product is designed as a custom-made product to meet the needs of our customers. And after its delivery, we provide detailed follow-up services and utilize used product analysis results towards future product improvements. This accumulated know-how is the source of our technical and competitive strengths.
High Barriers to Entry
The quality of press felts makes great influences onto paper quality. Japanese paper products boast the world's highest quality levels, and this means that an extremely high level of quality is demanded from press felt. In some cases, a prompt response is required to meet the customers needs and status of use. As such, its domestic market is supported by two companies including Nippon Felt, and has low presence of overseas manufacturers.
Stable Management Foundation
Through stable operations based on technical and competitive strengths, we have established a strong financial foundation and have never recorded operating losses since the start of consolidated accounting (1978).
III.For our sustainable growth from now on

As it relates to press felts and other products for papermaking, the domestic papermaking industry is reaching a status of maturity. However, by accurately ascertaining the needs of our customers and promoting the development of products that address environmental changes, we will continue to maintain our strong share of the domestic market.
At the same time, we project that markets throughout Asia will continue to expand. We will apply our strong technology developed on the domestic market towards expansion into Asian markets. We will strengthen Group coordination and collaborate with subsidiaries in Taiwan and Shanghai in order to improve competitiveness.
Also, we are applying our accumulated know-how towards products for papermaking other than felt, including shoe press belts and forming fabrics as well as filters and other environment-related products.

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